Empowering teams with Insights Beyond Data

Pacemkr is a digital solution that provides rigorous metrics, clear and fast insights, accompanied by training and advice beyond the data. The application enables precise diagnostics on production flow and workload management.

With the accuracy of this data and advice, fueled by the right knowledge, your work teams have the power to be autonomous, skilled, and high-performing.

We leverage your data for efficiency and reliability

Traditional production management tools like Jira, Azure DevOps, or Excel already provide access to data, but extracting explicit conclusions and transforming them into precise improvements for teams can be complex. Pacemkr goes beyond just providing data; it cross-references, simplifies, and presents the essence of data clearly and concretely for actionable insights!

We believe that autonomy and performance come through understanding and knowledge of flow  metrics. True understanding requires more than just quantitative data. That’s why Pacemkr provides your teams with in-depth information, advice, training, and perspectives on this data.

The Pacemkr Application

Pacemkr is a management tool at the core of team autonomy and capability. Based on historical production data analysis, the application provides recommendations, advice, and useful knowledge for steering, managing, estimating, and predicting workload.


Pacemkr offers training and online documentation (tutorials, conferences, and blog articles) to enable work teams to be autonomous and fully utilize Scrum methods and flow metrics.

Customized solution for your teams

We provide your teams with customized training to master the theory, along with consultancy services to support them in daily practical implementation.

Easy integration with your preferred tools

Pacemkr easily integrates with your preferred management tools, be it Jira Cloud, Microsoft Azure DevOps, or Microsoft Excel. Integration is quick, easy, flexible, and customizable.

Optimized user-friendliness and data protection

No data is stored with Pacemkr. All processing is done directly in the browser and securely.

Competitive advantages of Pacemkr

Online resources to propel your teams


Access our free online tutorials to assist you in integrating and using Pacemkr in your operations.


Our passionate and experienced team, with years of agile training expertise, shines internationally. Access their online conferences for free and benefit from their expertise!

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