Revolutionize Workflows with Pacemkr

Accurate data forms the basis of your production forecasts

Providing a perspective beyond data

Based on the analysis of historical production data, the application provides recommendations, advice, and valuable insights for steering, managing, estimating, and predicting workload. Pacemkr is a digital solution that enhances the autonomy and capacity of work teams.

Together, we will transform your project management, optimize workflows, and achieve outstanding results.

Why choose Pacemkr?

Data accuracy

Precise data is the foundation of accurate production forecasts. That’s why we use the analysis of your historical data in our advice and predictions.

Tools for your teams

Unlike major players that focus solely on technology, Pacemkr offers content and training that focuses on developing skills and autonomy in teams.

Scalable solution

With its robust construction and the ability to manage multiple data sources, Pacemkr is the perfect solution to help and support you throughout your growth.

Integration with market leaders

Pacemkr needs data to function. It seamlessly integrates with Jira and all the major digital operations applications.

Draw actionable insights from your Kanban dashboard

Display a dashboard with your data in 4 simple steps

Our web assistant will guide you through these easy steps. Display your data like never before in less than 5 minutes:

Step 1:

Authenticate your connection

Step 2:

Select a Kanban board to import.

Step 3:

Retrieve the data.

Step 4:

Customize your data import by specifying dates, task types, etc.

Solutions integrated with your favorite tools

Jira Cloud
Microsoft Azure DevOps
Microsoft Excel

Native solution for large enterprises

Does your company require better data security management and the development of custom features? Our native version is for you!

The local installation of Pacemkr within your infrastructure also allows the integration of custom data connectors for sources other than those supported by the SAAS version.

Tailored pricing

Our flexible pricing options are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small team looking to streamline processes or a large enterprise looking to expand operations, we have a plan that meets your needs.

You have the choice between different price levels based on the desired number of users or generated boards. Our dynamic pricing adapts perfectly to the size of your team and the growth of your operations.

We guarantee transparent pricing with no hidden costs. Explore our pricing plans and find the one that best suits your organization’s evolution towards efficiency and success.

Free 30-Day Trial

Did you know that Pacemkr offers you a free 30-day trial? Get ready to experience the transformative power of Kanban within Scrum! Simply create an account on the online application using your email.

Request a Personalized Demo

Would you like to benefit from a personalized meeting and demonstration of Pacemkr? Contact our team for a demo and discover how our application can take your project management to the next level.

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